28 October 2010

Guide to: Steeds of Middle Earth

I love grinding reputation, participating in the festivals, doing deeds, etc. to get epic mounts in LOTRO! I really loved this summer's horse as you can see on the pictures above!

I stumbled upon this amazing guide about where, how and when you can find and get these amazing mounts and ofc I wanted to share this with you guys.

Lotro Steeds - It has pictures, locations, information etc. about every mount in game, and on top of that also some of the new horses with the upcoming Free to play! It looks like you can buy certain speed buffs for your horse aswell! All very interesting, cant wait!

So which mount is your current favourite in LOTRO?

Personally mine is still either the Tundra horse or Lithe fest pale Golden one!

26 October 2010

Epic Signs!

I Love these signs! They are located somewhere in America! Wished the signs were just as amazing back here! Feels like Middle Earth is closer than we think!

Pictures by: Wolfluver

Have you ever stood upon any signs like these IRL?

25 October 2010

Everybody loves a ....(Lag) Fest!

Yesterday there was a  big PVP event in Ettenmoors in Lord of the Rings online, it was quite fun until we realised that the leaders had to form a 4th raid to fit everyone in! This means we were about 100 freeps on one side! Who knows how many were on the other side! But at least it was one big lag fest for everyone, not to meantion the rest of the server, which was complaining all evening in the global channels! But besides that I had great fun seeing all the known faces in the raids on both sides fighting each other!

The PVP event trailer:
Vengeance for Arador PVP Event
Official thread: Official Forums

So were you taking part yesterday , or have you ever been to a massive event like this?

24 October 2010

Winter adventures

I simply just love the northern lights in Forochel in Lord of the Rings online ! I think it is so amazing to watch, and I can sit there for hours enjoying the enviroment! I have never seen one IRL, but I hope I will at some point!

Have you ever seen Northern Lights IRL?

17 October 2010

So sorry!

I know I haven't posted anything for years and for that I apologise! IRL has been way too busy lately, but ofc that's not an excuse!

I will be back as soon as possible with new updates! Meanwhile stay tuned!