27 March 2014

FFXIV - Patch 2.2

Finally the day came where the Final Fantasy Patch 2.2 came out!
I am still all excited to try out all the new stuff! So far I have had a haircut and about to adventure a lot more later today !
More to come!

The days before the patch launched, we finally got a house in my Free Company, and what better to wait by having a warm bath in the hot tub with the rest of the company!

17 March 2014

FFXIV - Patch 2.2

Since I finally reached the end game stuff in Final Fantasy, a lot of time has been passing by doing the same stuff over and over again, but that is soon to an end with the new patch 2.2. coming up on the 27th of March!
We are getting new dungeons, raids, hardmodes and extreme modes of earlier dungeons! New hairstyles, new armour, cosmetics and much much more :)
I can't wait for the weekend to start!

14 March 2014

TESO: Last Beta before launch

The Elder Scrolls online is having their final beta before launching in April. This weekend until monday you have a chance of trying out the game before it goes live! On top of that in this beta they are granting premissions to share screenshots and gaming experience unlike the earlier betas!
So if you still haven't checked out the game now is the chance! :)
Have a wonderful weekend !

12 March 2014

Sunny days for a geek

The weather has been so nice lately that I am having a hard time playing games, and yet I do play a few hours here and there, but always feeling guilty about not being outside!
But don't all geeks feel this way ?

11 March 2014

Problem solved

Finally found the problem to all my pictures being gone and now my blog is up and running again!
More updates will follow soon!


6 March 2014

Picture problems!

For some reason I have problems with the pics I have uploaded disappearing, which is really annoying...
I am really frustrated about the problem, since I put a lot of work into this blog, and if all the pics are suddenly gone I dunno what to do..
Fingers crossed it will pass!

5 March 2014

Sims 4 - Features you will love !

Source: sKiiTs8
If you are just as excited for Sims 4 as I am, you will find this video very interesting! A lot of features I am looking very much forward to!
Especially the two "relationship bars", the life time being more realistic in terms of losing a family member etc.
I can't wait ! 

3 March 2014

Meanwhile in Sims 3

Since Sims 4 ain't going to launch until this Autumn there is plenty of time to rediscover the Sims 3, and all the expansions there!
I personally enjoy starting over from nothing and making my way up into the rich people's world.
While doing so I realised which expansions I can't live without; Seasons where the seasons are changing and there are new activities for every season.
University, where I can educate my Sims even more, to make it possible to get a better job in the end.
On top of that I love the expansions where you can go out shopping etc.

Which expansion is your favorite? Do you have any preferences for Sims 4's expansions?

1 March 2014

Trying out new aspects in FFXIV

Lately I have been trying out a few other classes in FFXIV, and looking into the gathering system aswell.
I am still entertained in the game, and had a chance to try out the weekly raid aswell last week.
So much more to explore and do, can't wait!