26 July 2010


Just letting you all know I will be on holiday for the next 10 days :) Will see you afterwards, I am going back to the UK to visit the BFs friends and family in the Lake District, after this I will be back for a few days and then off again to Amsterdam! :) Can't wait!

Where are you going on holiday this summer?

24 July 2010

Do you trust people you know online with IRL info about yourself?

Anonymous,Wauw, Thanks for the wall of text! ;) It is always very interesting when people give long answers, it means they care for my questions! So thank you!

I agree with you in not all girls used to play MMOs back in the days, and that it have changed a lot.
Especially this quote of yours I find very interesting:

"Every girl over 13 has a facebook now, the same as 5 years ago every girl over 13 was begging their parents for a mobile phone. So they get laptops of their own so they can facebook and myspace etc."

That's so true, I remember it clearly when I was 13 I had no mobile phone or a computer of my own, it is crazy how fast the development has taken place in the last few years! Today you are almost special or weird if you don't have a mobile phone or a laptop of your own! And I think that's literally scary!

"There's still a big problem of young stupid guys hitting on every woman they see online, especially when it comes to games"

I can only agree 110% with you on this one, sometimes it is better to not tell anyone you are a woman out there, cause seriously, it is crazy! I have tried it too often, and sometimes it is seriously scary, these random dudes that doesn't know you at all falling in love with you in 2 secs, and before you know it they ask where you live, if they can see some pictures, wants your facebook etc. :) Seriously, sometimes it is better to stay anonymous on the internet that just comitting to your gender!

But then: Why is it we trust people online with so much info on our personal lives? Maybe even some info we wouldn't tell our IRL friends about ?

19 July 2010

Women taking over the internet? - Nah!!

Hey Everyone out there!
Once again my real life is very busy, and I have limited time for gaming and blogging!

And thank you all for sharing your favourite soundtracks, it is always funny to hear what other people fancy! ;)

T.i.m.v.d.r., Yeah I can see why you love this soundtrack that much, but probably cause you loved the game just as much ;) it ain't as magical to me yet, but thanks for sharing!

Xhii, when you meantioned Clint Mansell, I came to think of one of my other favourites by him:  "Requiem for a dream", it is magically I think :) he makes very nice soundtracks indeed, didn't know Moon, but maybe it is time to buy an album or two!

Anonymous, yeah I loved Pirates of the Caribbean, first movie is still the best though! :) But the music there is thrilling aswell!

Lately I have been reading some articles on the internet, about women are taking over the internet, by blogging, gaming, etc. I dunno what to think really?

Personally I grew up with a computer in my entire life almost, and it is pretty natural to me to use it daily, for searching information, chatting to my friends, playing games and yes blogging, cause it is something I enjoy, but the fact we are talking about women taking over the internet, nah I doubt that!

I guess women have just reached that point where it is okay to have your own laptop without being a completely geek, today it is just more of a cool gadget, and why is it gadgets are only for guys ?
To me the internet is for everyone, and I just believe that today it is more common for both genders to use it to find out information or have fun :)

What do you think; Are women taking over the internet?

14 July 2010

Fav. Soundtrack - what's yours ?

Sorry I haven't been able to post lately, been busy IRL a lot these days! But once again thank you for your interesting answers.

Xhii, I have never heard of the game you meantion, Vagrant Story, but it sounds very interesting indeed, and I wished I could try it out. But I guess it is impossible these days just to find a Playstation 1 and not to meantion the games :)

Anonymous, I have heard of the game Everyquest before, someone might have meantioned it, or maybe it was my BF that told me about he playing it back in the days. 7 years is a long time, I hope I will play my favourite games for just as long! Planescape torment, is just another game I don't know anything about, but it is interesting to hear about all these old games :) Wished more people would find it just as interesting as you guys to go back in time for a bit, with low graphics and full entertainment on a whole new level.
T.i.m.v.d.r. I am afraid I haven't heard of the elder scrolls 4: oblivion either, is it the same as Oblivion? Because I have tried that game out once :) I love it when games blow you totally away like you describe it, the music and atmosphere and such :) Reminds me of Age of Conan, the music was so amazing and I am still listening to the soundstracks once in a while ! My favourite track is "Nighttime journey through the Eiglophian Mountains" Still gives me the chills everytime I hear it.

So if you could pick one soundtrack, what would it be, from your favourite movie, game etc.?

9 July 2010

Favourite game - What's yours?

Dear Anonymous. It is not because I don't want to answer my own questions, if you are curious I would say it varies a lot, depending on my time away from school, work and whatever.
Last year when I was without job, and living in the UK away from friends and everything, gaming was most of my daily day. But now I would say it is more around the 4-6 hours in average, so ofc it is way too much still. But I guess it will change when I get back into my 8 hours of studying/work again after the summerbreak. :)
I like the way you look at gaming as a social activity, I definately agree with you! Gaming isn't just being all alone in your own little bubble of the world, not when interacting with other people through the games, and talking on voice. They are friends on a whole new level in a different world.

Valkyrie, I agree with you about how easy it is to log in sometimes! I know how you must feel, after 6 months of being in the same situation as you are in now, I know how attractive gaming is! It is sometimes dangerous because of all the lovely people there. And since when has a little chat for about 4 hours ever harmed anyone? ;)

We all know games can be really addictive, and personally I am already. I have been addicted to many games, but my favourite must be Lord of the Rings online, since I am now playing on my 3th year!

So tell me; what's your favorite game of all time?

6 July 2010

Average gaming time? - What's yours?

Thank you so much, Anonymous for sharing those link with the rest of us! It looks very interesting, haven't heard about the Rift: Planes of Telara, before now! It looks stunning, and very interesting! Definately worth a try I would say ;)  

I guess I will need to find more time for playing games soon! Dunno where and how, but I know if you are gonna play two games it needs lots of effort :) And atm I am enjoying LOTRO as I have always done, so I have no plans leaving that at any point!

I am curious really, a lot of people in games have kids, and a full time job, and yet they are just as active as the ones that have none of this, how is that so? How do you find the time really :) Personally I just finished my last few courses and after the summerbreak it is practice and studying to become a medical secretary, I have no idea how much time I will have left for gaming, but it is definately not something I will leave behind, it is like the people I have met in the gaming world the last 3 years have become very dear to me. They are like a second family somehow in a weird way :)

So I am curious; how many hours do you play a day in average?

2 July 2010

Geeks in many ways!

I stumbled across this picture, and came to think about being a geek, can be meant in many different ways, just like this picture!

Dear Anonymous.
Thank you for telling us about yourself, and how you don't fit into any of the stereotypes on the pictures, I feel the same way as you, I absolutely don't see myself as any of the pics, and if I had to it would be a mix of everything and everyone I think.
But anyway back to your post, I absolutely agree with you when you say: "If you went back 10 years being labelled a geek had the same negative implications that being labelled a nerd had, now things are different. Being a geek isn't quite so unusual anymore"
I think it is a very interesting thing being a geek today, it is like a completely new style or fase in life. And in the 21th century it is okay to be a geek, cause it is something more and more of us are interested in! The gaming world has opened up to so many new players ever since MMOs were launched, and I think it will only continue from now on :)

Next year lots of new games are coming out, and it is always exciting to see how they turn out! Personally I am looking forward to trying Star Wars - The old republic out.

Which games are you looking forward to in the new year?