26 March 2011

Kittehs taking ovar teh wurld!?

Such an adoreable kitteh and makes think about this entire "Lolcat" theme that's been going on for years now, it's so funny with all sort of funny cat pictures, with some funny text on it. But now you can apparently learn to speak their "Language" called the "Lolcat"!

Personally I find it hillarious, and I simply love the fact the cats are now taking over the world with their CHEEZBURGERS!
You should go try out the lolcat translater and learn how to speak Lolcat:

Speak Lolcat

25 March 2011

Snoring Troll?

Waiting for my client to update Lord of the Rings Online for the new patch! And I am starting to look like this troll!  *Yawn*
Nothing worse than waiting is there...?

19 March 2011


Such a cute cat in Pikachu disguise! But maybe just a bit wrong? Anyway I had a laugh about it, but poor kitteh!

17 March 2011

Twitter me - or not?

Lately so many different communities have popped up everywhere, myspace, facebook, twitter etc. Personally I only use Facebook every now and then, when bored and wanting to share something with my friends!

I know myspace has been out for ages now, and that it is mainly for musicians wanting to spread their songs all over the world! Which is a very nice way for them to be regonised and seen!

Twitter though is something which I don't really get nor use myself! It's sort of a small website where you can post updates and nothing else? I don't see the point in this in the long run, or maybe its just me having a blonde moment? It seems to me lots of people actually use this, may it be famous singers, random gamemasters, or just normal cool people like you and I. But it's still a mystery to me, what the world gets out from knowing I am having my dinner right now while writing this?

What do you think of the entire "Twitter" thing? Do you think its okay for the world to know what you are doing around the clock?

14 March 2011

Geek Chart

I stumbled upon this funny Geek Chart, and found it quite hillarious and thought I should share it with you guys!

7 March 2011

Rage Quitter - Are you one of them?

Have you ever been in a situation in game, where you simply just get so furious that you just can't handle it and quit in rage?

The so called rage quitting is the term for this action, and it happens sometimes in games! Personally I have seen friends of mine do it, either because of the group (probably a PUG/Pick up group) or the fact they are just tired of wiping.

I have never done it myself, but I have felt on the edge quite sometimes to be honest, its funny how a game can bring up so much rage in us, when thinking it was meant to be for fun?

So I am curious; have you ever Rage Quitted a game?

5 March 2011

Caturday: Shocked and appalled Cat!

Okay I dunno if you know this link, but it's simply priceless so had to share it! I love how the cat goes "OMG!" I have never seen anything like it, and makes me crack up everytime!

Have you ever seen cats do weird things like this?

3 March 2011

Guide to: LOTRO Gear

Sometimes it can be really hard to figure out what gear, jewellery or weapons to choose from with all the millions of different options there is (or maybe not but you get the picture!)

So while being in this jungle of different stuff I stumbled upon this website which is really good to find your perfect Lord of the Rings Online gear and to compare different things!
You can scroll the usable level, and which class they are meant for aswell, only thing not possible is to see where you can get it unfortunately, but still a great guide!

Check it out:      Lotro Gear 

Memory lane: The Old Forest

I simply love going through old photos of old instances, and memories these days! Not to meantion I love the dreadeffect in Lord of the Rings Online, it gives the entire atmosphere a much more thrilling feeling!