28 June 2013

Character creation...

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We all want to look the best in a new game and therefore the character creation can take years...! Or something that feels like it at least.
But why is it we can spend hours on picking the right hair, eyes, nose etc.?

Personally I spend a long time creating the perfect character, cause the character represent me in the game, or at least thats how I look at it. Others may just create a character that looks funny, sexy or fantasy like. It is up to the person itself. I always try to aim for something that match what I find pretty and that fits the lore of the specific game.

Another idea about why it can take ages to make the right character, might be the fact as soon as you start the game you are focussed at levelling, and when you reach max level, you might look into other alternatives in the game such as roleplaying, events, etc. and that's the moment where you want your character to suit your alternative, whatever it may be. On top of that you don't want to be looking at an ugly character for about 50-80 levels no? Maybe thats just my point of view.

Generally I would say that with a new game I can spend up to 1 hour in character creation screen, but usually that's what I try out betas for, so I am prepared for how my character should look like and can easily set all the bars and sliders once again on behalf of my notes and drawings. Geeky? Yeah I know!

But anyway I am curious as always:

How much time can you spend in the character creation screen and why?

LOTRO: Treasure hunt!

This weekend LOTRO has opened up for a treasure hunt with funny prizes such as emotes, cosmetics, horses, housing items etc. I got the gem inspecting emote as you can see on some of the Pictures above, and sorry for the bad screenshots (Not at home these days).
I find the event quite funny and interesting and wished it would last for more than just the weekend over!
The event will be running from 28-30th of june 2013.
Good hunting!

26 June 2013

More than a geek...

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Trying out: Anno Online

Over the past week I got tipped about Anno Online open beta, and had a chance to test it for a while. Seems very interesting and in the old Anno style just online. The most awesome thing about it is you don't have to install anything, you just play it in a browser, so basically that means you can take the game with you anywhere! That's something I adore, since I ain't always home near my gaming PC, which can be kinda annoying at times. 
But anyway if you liked the old Anno games, you will probably like this one aswell, but keep in mind it is a beta and stuff is still being tested, so bugs may appear and get fixed. Also some of the options are locked for some reason. 
Feel free to add me as a friend if you try it out.

Wanna check it out? - Anno Online 

25 June 2013

Age of Conan: Starting over

I decided to give Age of Conan a new try, and made a new character called Naiomhe, pretty inspired by my older character Caiomhe... Seriously all names are taken these days.
But anyway I play on the PVP server Fury atm, since that's where my old character got transfered to.

So far I am liking the enviroment already, and the fact people are still passing by and posting about Guild recruitment and raids tells me the game isn't as dead as it could have been.
So worth another try in my opinion!

24 June 2013

Age of Conan!

Been thinking about giving Age of Conan another try! Kinda liked the scenery, music, and whole setting. A shame it failed so badly at launch, but nevertheless a few good features and I will have to try it out again later today, since it is free to play after all!
But I am curious;
Is anyone still playing Age of Conan? 

21 June 2013

My absence

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Hello out there!
Yes I am still here, eventhough I haven't blogged much lately. University has been taking up a lot of my time, so barely any left for gaming. Now I finally have summerholiday and probably wont sit as much indoor playing games. 
Nevertheless I have been busy on a new project aswell, an interior blog, feel free to check it out: Instaliving

I will try to be more active on my blogs, and post soon again, but I haven't been home near my gaming PC either, so that explains the lack of screenshots and such. Have a nice summer in advance and stay tuned !