24 June 2013

Age of Conan!

Been thinking about giving Age of Conan another try! Kinda liked the scenery, music, and whole setting. A shame it failed so badly at launch, but nevertheless a few good features and I will have to try it out again later today, since it is free to play after all!
But I am curious;
Is anyone still playing Age of Conan? 


  1. There are lots of people still playing Age of Conan. The free-to-play concept has brought many new players. I'm in a guild who is doing four raids a week.

    In case you are interested, there are plenty of female Age of Conan gamers. Some of them organize 'all female raids'. (And those are even work *gg*)

  2. Hahah nice on ! Which server are you on :)? Might bump into you at some point ?