31 January 2011

Computer backpacking!

I am back after being on a smaller vacation in the UK, and I had quite a trip on the way there I can tell you! Thing is my BF wanted me to take along his big old main stationary computer along in my suitcase, and no its not a laptop or anything near the small side! Its a huge fecking monster I tell you! Probably about 12 kgs, which is a lot if you think about who is going to carry this! (ME!!!!)

But oh well after having a long talk with the people at the airport they said okay for it and threw it on board on the flight! With fingers crossed the entire way and lots of swearing words about how stupid this idea and PC was, I manage to reach the goal with the PC in fine condition, and I now made my BF happier than ever! He really did miss me (or was it the PC?)

But yeah anyway I had a wonderful time and I hope you have all been alright out there, so when thinking of my little trip I got curious about:
 if you ever have missed your PC, when being on holiday or apart ?

18 January 2011

Female gamers ?

Why is it always female gamers people make fun of? Personally I might need a bit of help once in a while but I just look at it as if I ain't as Hi-Tech as guys can be?

What do you think of female gamers? Whether you are one or not ?

9 January 2011

What size is your Monitor?

Happy New Year to everyone out there! I hope you had a very wonderful Christmas and a happy new year, did you get anything good for christmas ?

Personally I had a wonderful one but afraid there wasn't any geeky loot this year! But anyway for about a month now I have been borrowing my BF's monitor which is 24''!!! And I am like WOOOAH! It's so huge and I feel completely dragged into the games even more! It's like being there now compared to the 14'' it was before !

So I got curious about this and started looking for monitors to buy, and stumpled upon some funny ones! The top picture one is just huuuge! But compared to the 3D at the bottom picture its nothing! Maybe I should wait a bit and see what will happen to the Monitor universe very soon, as I can tell the 3D is definately a reality and that would mean BEING in the game world for "real" or at least almost!

Question of the day:

But anyway how big is your monitor?