25 August 2010

Meeting up IRL - Do it !

I have finally returned from an amazing holiday/kin meeting IRL, with my guild from Lord of the Rings online. It was fantastic! Not only was it nice to connect faces to the voices, but also meeting them on a whole new level. I had a fabulous week in Amsterdam and I really feel like I have gotten to know a lot of them in a more personal view aswell. Everyone was so nice and it is funny how well you get along eventhough we are only connected through a MMORPG.

Afraid we didn't get a group picture like these guys!

If anyone out there ever get the chance to go to an IRL guild meeting, do it ! You won't regret it! At least I don't! I am definately in for the next one and I can't wait to see all these lovely people again!

I know there is a lot of IRL guild meetings through different games/MMOs, if you ever got the chance of going to one, would you? Or would you be too shy and scared of the people hiding behind the screens out there?

6 August 2010

Unpacking and repacking

I am back from Holiday but only for a few days, and then off again to Amsterdam! To a IRL Kinmeeting, which I am looking very much forward to :)

Sounds like you all are enjoying the summer no matter how and where, and why shouldn't you!

Atm I am unpacking and repacking, while trying to fill up moving boxes at the same time. By the time I get home from Amsterdam I am moving straight away, so therefore this blog will be quiet for the next 2-3 weeks I am afraid :) But hopefully I will be back by then to move on here!

I am so looking forward to this kinmeeting, I am sure it will be lots of fun and on top of that I have never been to Amsterdam :) So I will see you all after I guess!

Before I leave I am curious:
Have you ever been to an IRL kinmeeting before?