27 April 2011

Pink Skies

Such a beautiful sky/scenery over Enedwaith, I love the colours! Spring has finally hit Middle Earth!

Long Shadows

Funny shadows, especially of the birds/eagles? Looks most likely a bag of something if not fish! Haha

23 April 2011

Geeky girl = Hawt?!

I stumbled upon this epic explaination of geek girls on a other blogger's blog! Go figure for yourself! I believe 110% in what this picture is telling us! Geeks are hawt!

Check out her full site at: Sarcasmfairy

20 April 2011

Girls in a different context

Golden... boss?

Atm I am enjoying the new raid in Lotro a lot, so ofc my blog is turning more and more into screenshots from that, since I aint really playing anything else atm! Here is a few screenshots of the newest raid, where you get to fight Durin's bane once more!

18 April 2011

Last Ding!

Finally I managed to hit 65 on my minstrel, it has only taken me about 1-2 years, since I have found other classes more interesting!
I love the new level up effect!

11 April 2011

Life - Do I have one?

Sometimes it hits me when I can spend an entire day in front of the PC, if I really do have a life or not ? Of course I have a social life aswell next to it, but sometimes I just get sucked into the game I am playing and hours are flying away in no time! So it hit me, maybe do I play too much if I would rather cancel an appointment with an IRL friend than to cancel a raid night? I have been in both situations and can see it from both sides, but how about you?

3 April 2011

Cool backgrounds- How does yours looks like?

I have had several moments where I didn't know what to have as my background on my PC, but I stumbled upon a great site with lots of different categories of backgrounds for that!
Check it out: Wallpapers and Backgrounds

It is also where I have found the background for the blog!

Which reminds me, how does your wallpaper/background look on your screen?

Here is a pic of mine: