11 April 2011

Life - Do I have one?

Sometimes it hits me when I can spend an entire day in front of the PC, if I really do have a life or not ? Of course I have a social life aswell next to it, but sometimes I just get sucked into the game I am playing and hours are flying away in no time! So it hit me, maybe do I play too much if I would rather cancel an appointment with an IRL friend than to cancel a raid night? I have been in both situations and can see it from both sides, but how about you?


  1. I've been in both situations, I think when that conflict has arose I've tended to play games over do something IRL. I'm not a super-social person and neither are my friends, so that helps. I guess a party animal (Iri for example) would have a more interesting answer.

    Do I think I play too much games? ..nah! Games are good entertainment and MMO's in particular fall under a kind of social event so I don't consider it the same as sitting inside alone doing nothing.

    Started AoC again btw :) The new race is fun.

  2. I totally agree with you on that one :) MMOs can be social, in terms of teaming up and doing stuff together ;) it aint just pixels on a screen by all means there is a person behind those pixels ;)

    Oh, didnt know a new race came out :)? Any interesting raids and end game content too or ?

    Lotro just came out with a great update aswell tbh! No radiance, 4 new instances, a big raid and a new book :) its epic! Reminds me of the good old raids as Helegrod and the rift again ;) Lotro has become itself again!