30 October 2011

Death to the dragon!

After several tries in the same day, we finally managed to take down Draigoch in his Lair full of treasures :) Here is a few screenies!

Happy Halloween!

The autumn festival has once again arrived in Lord of the Rings Online, and this year is no exception for the Hauted Cellar to open their doors up with trick and treats and lots of spooky creatures! This is this years new Halloween outfit and horse! Fancy !

Happy Halloween everyone!

17 October 2011

Rise of Isengard

Finally the Rise of Isengard expansion came out for Lord of the Rings Online! Here is a few screenshots from some of the many areas in the 3 new regions! The level cap has been raised by 10 levels and a new raid has been added, which I will be checking out tomorrow hopefully! Screenshots will follow!