19 February 2014

The Elder Scrolls Online

So the game most people are waiting for in 2014 must be The Elder Scrolls Online.
Personally I didn't know much of the game until the last 2 betas, where I had the chance to try out the game.
I know quite a little about the gaming technique and previous games since I never played Skyrim or Oblivion, but only saw the last game over the shoulder of a friend back in the days.

After trying out the beta I was semi disappointed for an MMO, but of course that is my personal opinion and others think it is so awesome, so not gonna drag the game down or anything.
But I wasn't prepared for camera stuck to the mouse and the combat system with first person point of view, and I guess that was quite a surprise to me. But yeah that is only because I haven't played the previous games such as Skyrim.
People who have played these games are in love with the MMO already, so hopefully it will fulfill their wishes.
Personally I think this will be one of the first MMOs I will pass, due to the UI and combat system. I know you "will get used to it", but still I have my doubts. I prefer playing MMOs where I am the one in control of the camera angles all the time, that I can take pretty screenshots the way I want, and be guided through the quests with pointers and markers and a minimap to show me such things.
Other gamers prefer games without this and then TESO will be the perfect way to try out such areas.

All in all I am just not eager to play this game, since it was nothing "new" for a MMORPG in 2014 to bring or give me as a person. That's why I am gonna skip this one, might just play Final Fantasy until I get bored out of it! Haha.

But nevertheless are you gonna play The Elder Scrolls Online??

17 February 2014

The Sims 4

I blogged about the Sims 3 a while ago, and was all excited about the new Sims 4 coming out in February 2014, but now they have postponed the game until autumn this year. Whether it is a good thing or not, I am still having my hopes up for the game.
Due to all the changes and optimizations they have made to the game since it first came out 14 years ago :)
Just how much have change can be seen on the picture below:

So are you gonna try out the new Sims? Or is it mainly a girly game, as everyone kinda say it is?

11 February 2014

Male vs. Female character

Source: Weknowmemes
It is one of the big questions everytime you launch up a new game. What to pick? Male or female character?
Some people tend to use the online games for being something they are not if I ain't mistaken? And this could be one of the reasons for so many males picking a female character, but that's just a guess of course.
Personally I tend to stick with the female characters, maybe because I feel like I can "be in the character" myself somehow, though the actual body, pointy ears, muscles, tail and height might be a bit off sometimes! I think I pick the female characters in the case of the game being a good Roleplaying game aswell, if the chance for getting some good Roleplaying going is there I am up for it! That way I am sure I am able to bring some life into my character by being female in real life aswell.

I have played MMORPG games for almost 7 years now and so far I haven't made one single male character... Maybe it is time to start looking into that path? Not sure but I am definitely never in a doubt when trying out a new game, female from start to finish!

But what do you fancy the most when making a new character?

10 February 2014

Lately in FFXIV - on Adventure with Namine

Lately I have been getting my Bard to lvl 50 in Final Fantasy XIV, which has been some adventure! I am still in love with the game and its aspects and ofc I already made alts...!

If you still haven't tried the game or are looking for something new it is definitely worth trying out for 16 euros for one month.

But I am curious:
Which games are you playing lately??