11 February 2014

Male vs. Female character

Source: Weknowmemes
It is one of the big questions everytime you launch up a new game. What to pick? Male or female character?
Some people tend to use the online games for being something they are not if I ain't mistaken? And this could be one of the reasons for so many males picking a female character, but that's just a guess of course.
Personally I tend to stick with the female characters, maybe because I feel like I can "be in the character" myself somehow, though the actual body, pointy ears, muscles, tail and height might be a bit off sometimes! I think I pick the female characters in the case of the game being a good Roleplaying game aswell, if the chance for getting some good Roleplaying going is there I am up for it! That way I am sure I am able to bring some life into my character by being female in real life aswell.

I have played MMORPG games for almost 7 years now and so far I haven't made one single male character... Maybe it is time to start looking into that path? Not sure but I am definitely never in a doubt when trying out a new game, female from start to finish!

But what do you fancy the most when making a new character?

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