19 February 2014

The Elder Scrolls Online

So the game most people are waiting for in 2014 must be The Elder Scrolls Online.
Personally I didn't know much of the game until the last 2 betas, where I had the chance to try out the game.
I know quite a little about the gaming technique and previous games since I never played Skyrim or Oblivion, but only saw the last game over the shoulder of a friend back in the days.

After trying out the beta I was semi disappointed for an MMO, but of course that is my personal opinion and others think it is so awesome, so not gonna drag the game down or anything.
But I wasn't prepared for camera stuck to the mouse and the combat system with first person point of view, and I guess that was quite a surprise to me. But yeah that is only because I haven't played the previous games such as Skyrim.
People who have played these games are in love with the MMO already, so hopefully it will fulfill their wishes.
Personally I think this will be one of the first MMOs I will pass, due to the UI and combat system. I know you "will get used to it", but still I have my doubts. I prefer playing MMOs where I am the one in control of the camera angles all the time, that I can take pretty screenshots the way I want, and be guided through the quests with pointers and markers and a minimap to show me such things.
Other gamers prefer games without this and then TESO will be the perfect way to try out such areas.

All in all I am just not eager to play this game, since it was nothing "new" for a MMORPG in 2014 to bring or give me as a person. That's why I am gonna skip this one, might just play Final Fantasy until I get bored out of it! Haha.

But nevertheless are you gonna play The Elder Scrolls Online??

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