18 June 2010

Geek? - How does it feel?

To be a geek or not to be a geek is not something I will go into details with! First of all, yes I see myself as a geek, since I play MMOs, just like the rest of the world do! But on the other hand I don't get why guys are allowed to play these games and women ain't ? Without being looked down at? In my opinion we should all be able to play games and do whatever we want without anyone looking at you saying: Omg freak?!

Personally I keep my IRL friends seperated from my "In game" world, since they will never understand what they are missing out, and they would probably look at me and go: "What the fuck...? You play games like the geeks? What are you?" And tbh I don't want them to change their view of me just because I play games which I enjoy, so therefore I have decided not to tell any of the girls about such things, on the other hand I have so much more in common with all the guys I know IRL, we can talk about all the weird stuff which you normally wouldn't! And that is actually fun and something I enjoy very very much :) And it is always so much fun to find new people IRL you never thought were hardcore gamers, and figure out they have been playing MMOs since start ;)

To sum up, this is just how I look at myself, and ofc I am a geek inside, but on the outside I am someone completely different!

So my question is: Do your friends know you are playing games? - Please attach whether you are a guy or a girl ! ;) Leave comments below!

// Ela


  1. Personally, I don't like being called a geek eventho I might be one.. I love playing games when I got nothing to do, but honestly I love doing active things IRL more. So lately I started snowboarding with friends of mine (and I'm hardly falling by now!) and it's a lot of fun.

    Doing things with friends or well rather doing stuff IRL will always have my prefference over doing something in a game.

    In the end tho, I'm usually playing a game because I'm bored or so, but hardly a MMO lately.. been playing Heroes of Newerth with the same friends I snowboard with for quite a while now :D. I am looking forward to one game tho: Guild Wars 2! Oh and I ofcourse play once in a while on my ps3.

    Oh and people should stop looking weird at girls who play games. I prefer playing a game together with a girl then with a guy, cause they are better company.. atleast I think they are :P Poeple just do different things to keep themself entertained. Some do sports, some just go sit on the couch and watch tv and some people just play games to have something to do that they enjoy. Everyone needs some sort of "addiction" but thats a healthy addiction aslong if nothing suffers cause of it ;)

    PS: I'm a guy :p

  2. Nice job on the blog Ela. I enjoyed reading your topic. Anyway, I may be a bit of a geek, but hey, no one is perfect. *chuckles* So I do not think that i'd mind if someone would call me a geek, then again I have never been called a geek before, so I couldn't say. To be honest, I enjoy both the things I do or get to do in real-life as much as I do them in-game. And mostly the main reason I play games is to be able to converse with guys and gals that have the same interests as me. Also, I don't have any preference, I learned that a girl can be as much fun to 'play' with, so i'm not too fuzzy about it.

    But to conclude this, every person has a darkside and if it's gaming for geeks, so be it. At least we have cookies on the darkside. *giggles*

    Also I am a guy.

  3. Hey Ela, I am a fellow geek as well..... I LOVE the image with this post. Where did you get it? I'd love to use it.

  4. This is so true! I love playing MMOs and other games as well, but always feel a bit ashamed to tell people. My three best friends of course know, but they don't understand anything of it (apart from one, who I sometimes play together with - that's awesome). I know people don't like it when I say I play online games, so I feel relunctant to say so.

    Imagine how I felt when I had to tell my parents that I had a new boyfriend and that he was from another country, moving over to mine for me. "Where did you get know him?" Well err... of course they didn't understand at all. Ah well, let's see what they think in 10 years... ^^

  5. I want girl gamer

  6. @Ravanel :) I have had the same situation with a BF from another country! They just have to accept it is rather Normal in the world we live in today ! ;)