24 May 2011


Oh yeah. I know! I said I wouldn't get addicted to a new game or anything, but after trying out the trial to Rift out, I couldn't stop thinking about it! So yeah here we are! I am currently playing Mage, after trying Warrior out aswell and having a hard time deciding I finally went for the mage!

I am really enjoying the game so far, all the new areas and stuff to do, was just what I needed after many months with Lotro.

I am called Elanora in game, and I am on the server called Steampike, so if you are playing the game and see an Elanora running around it might be me, feel free to say hi or anything!

And to all the others out there, who haven't tried Rift out, I would say give it a chance, it's more fun when you get into it a bit, the first few lvls won't be able to tell you anything at all about the game itself!

Try out the Rift for free!

Hope to see you online!

14 May 2011

The Rift: Free trial!

Finally the Rift has opened up for the 7-days free trials and now is the time to check it out! I made myself a character, which most of all reminds me of my Loremaster in Lotro, but this is a Chloromancer, which in itself sounds so fancy that pronouncing that itself is EPIC! It's a mixed healer/caster class and I really enjoy it.

In The Rift you can through the Traiting tree or something make your class whatever you want it to be! By choosing the right set up and trait and skills your Light armoured healer can be turned into a tank!
Definately a factor I love about this game.

On top of that the atmosphere there is really well made, but I have to say after played Warhammer back in the days, this game has quite many features from that. But nevertheless I still enjoy playing The Rift on this free trial.

You should go try it out: Try out the Rift 7-days Free trial here!