28 June 2010

Geeky Stereotypes - Who are you?

It is nice to hear that I've played some of the same games as you guys out there, makes me feel more comfortable in my choices ;) Lately I have been doing some researches about geek stereotypes, and apparently it exists.

Not everyone can fit underneath this picture and its types in my opinion, but I still think it is a bit funny, cause personally I have met a few people from my online games IRL, and it is so much fun to figure out if you look like a geek or not. I have seen lots of pictures of people I play games with, and it is always a bit fun to check each other out and maybe go like: "Omg I would never have thought you looked like that?", might it be in a good or bad way ;) But mostly I am surprised in the positive way, lots of the geeks out there aren't that bad looking as we might think!

Cause when you think of a geek these words automatically pops into your mind: Fat, sofa sitting, coke, pizza, glasses, greasy hair, bad looking and not very stylish.
But that image surely have changed in a very good way :) Personally I have only seen one person in the last 3 years which filled in all those things and more to ! But lets not point any fingers, it could have been me! And besides, who doesnt like to be a coke, pizza and sofa sitting monster once in a while ;) I do at least!

But anyway back to the Stereotypes; Which one would you be? One from the picture or a totally different one?

24 June 2010

Addiction, Entertainment, what is it about games?

What is it that makes us play games? Is it an addiction we slowly build up ourselves, or is it just something we do to entertain ourselves, and then in the end it might turn into a addiction?

Personally I started to do it because I loved the entire atmosphere around gaming, and especially MMOs have caught my eye! I find it interesting because it is an online world, in a different form! And ever since I tried it , I have been playing! :) So I guess in some sort of way I am addicted, maybe to the people there ? Or the laughs I get from it.

I have tried many different MMOs the last 3 years, it started out with World of Warcraft, which I only played for about 9 days, until I found Lord of the Rings online, or rather my ex. boyfriend showed it to me, and slowly I realised I was becoming addicted to the universe and the game itself! Besides that I tried out Age of Conan, but I went away from that after 1-2 months, Warhammer was sort of the same and then when Aion came out, I realised that the only game I really enjoy enough is Lotro. And that's where I have been for the last 3 years by now! And I am still enjoying it ! :) Which leads me to my question of the day!

Question is: So what games do you play?

22 June 2010

"Online" turns into Real life!

Durum, Thank you very much for you answer. I totally agree with you that it ain't hard to figure out what to talk about with people online. There is always something, and as you said they might turn out to be great friends in real life aswell!

Personally, my "story" starts back when I met a certain person through Lord of the Rings online, he was really nice, and I liked teaming up with him and his friends :) and sooner than you know it, we moved on to a totally other level and were talking about meeting IRL. That week turned my life upside down, and today he is my BF, and has been for the last 2 years. So ofc you can meet people through games that can be just as lovely as the ones you meet at the street or at a party. You can find friendships, love and networks everywhere today, and there are always new methods of finding it! I am liking it the way it is today, there are no limits, which I love!

Ofc, there is also the bad side of the online world, which includes the stalkers, there are lots of people using the network to get in touch on a whole different level, so if your Roleplaying goes too far, and the dude wants more or thinks you love him IRL, maybe it is time to start backing off ! At least I have tried that a few times, and it wasn't always very pleasant!

So tell me; have you ever had a stalker in your life?

// Ela

20 June 2010

IRL over "In Game"

Thank you for your comments those of you who commented ;) It is always nice to have someone that supports you in the begining of a new blog! To answer your questions:

Douye, you basically said that you only play games nowadays when you are bored, wasn't that how it started for all of us, untill we got addicted ? Or is that just me? :) I am happy for you to hear that you are enjoying the real life more instead of the gaming life these days, but it should always be that way in my opinion! In real life always comes first, those rules were some of the first I heard when I started playing games, and I have always thought that is right.
I appreciate your comment on girls playing games, it is always nice to have some support of some sort! Let's hope the rest of the world will start getting the same point of view!

T.i.m.v.d.r, first of all thanks for the nice words about my blog :) I love the fact you admit you are a geek, we are all geeks somehow in this world, and if it is gaming rather than reading so be it!
Your point of view with gaming is completely as mine, ofc we play to interact with other people with same interests, but it is also entertainment on a whole new level to do stuff with people you don't know, who might turn out to become very good friends! Personally I have made lots of friends over the internet and through games, some of us have met IRL and it has been a bit funny, but at the end of the day it isn't impossible to make friends over the internet!

So my question of the day is: Have you made friends through online games and met them IRL?

// Ela

18 June 2010

Geek? - How does it feel?

To be a geek or not to be a geek is not something I will go into details with! First of all, yes I see myself as a geek, since I play MMOs, just like the rest of the world do! But on the other hand I don't get why guys are allowed to play these games and women ain't ? Without being looked down at? In my opinion we should all be able to play games and do whatever we want without anyone looking at you saying: Omg freak?!

Personally I keep my IRL friends seperated from my "In game" world, since they will never understand what they are missing out, and they would probably look at me and go: "What the fuck...? You play games like the geeks? What are you?" And tbh I don't want them to change their view of me just because I play games which I enjoy, so therefore I have decided not to tell any of the girls about such things, on the other hand I have so much more in common with all the guys I know IRL, we can talk about all the weird stuff which you normally wouldn't! And that is actually fun and something I enjoy very very much :) And it is always so much fun to find new people IRL you never thought were hardcore gamers, and figure out they have been playing MMOs since start ;)

To sum up, this is just how I look at myself, and ofc I am a geek inside, but on the outside I am someone completely different!

So my question is: Do your friends know you are playing games? - Please attach whether you are a guy or a girl ! ;) Leave comments below!

// Ela

Welcome to my blog!

Finally I had time to sit down and actually start this blog up! It has been in my mind for a long time, but just didn't have the time really! IRL has been very busy lately, but anyway!
To introduce myself very short I will on this blog be named as Ela / Elanora, since this blog is meant for all the people I meet around in the gaming worlds out there! I am a young woman at 21, from Denmark. Some of you might know me as Elanora from Lord of the Rings Online aswell, if not one of my million alts! But anyway enough about me.
This blog is meant for Questions and Answers, which means you can ask me any question and I will try and give some personal advice on it! And by Any I really mean any :) Always happy to help! All you do to ask or answer a question is to leave it in the comment section below :)

Hope you are all great out there !

// Ela