20 June 2010

IRL over "In Game"

Thank you for your comments those of you who commented ;) It is always nice to have someone that supports you in the begining of a new blog! To answer your questions:

Douye, you basically said that you only play games nowadays when you are bored, wasn't that how it started for all of us, untill we got addicted ? Or is that just me? :) I am happy for you to hear that you are enjoying the real life more instead of the gaming life these days, but it should always be that way in my opinion! In real life always comes first, those rules were some of the first I heard when I started playing games, and I have always thought that is right.
I appreciate your comment on girls playing games, it is always nice to have some support of some sort! Let's hope the rest of the world will start getting the same point of view!

T.i.m.v.d.r, first of all thanks for the nice words about my blog :) I love the fact you admit you are a geek, we are all geeks somehow in this world, and if it is gaming rather than reading so be it!
Your point of view with gaming is completely as mine, ofc we play to interact with other people with same interests, but it is also entertainment on a whole new level to do stuff with people you don't know, who might turn out to become very good friends! Personally I have made lots of friends over the internet and through games, some of us have met IRL and it has been a bit funny, but at the end of the day it isn't impossible to make friends over the internet!

So my question of the day is: Have you made friends through online games and met them IRL?

// Ela


  1. I have made quite a few friends through online games, and met some of them in real life as well. An online game offers an excellent medium to socialise with peope who have similar interests. There's always something to do together and discuss; there's no need to artificially create a topic. Sometimes things go onwards finely, and an acquitance becomes friendship. And of course, just like with local friends, some of online-friends are more <3 than others. :)

  2. Ooh, bit of a late response this. I suppose better late then never, then again that is a dutch saying translated in english, so not sure if it makes sense. Heck, for all I know it could be an english saying. But to the point. I made many connections trough online games, and bonded with some of them. I hope to meet them in real-life one day, that would be awesome and i'm sure a lot of fun.

    Tim > A.K.A > Threndaill > A.K.A > Mr. Fuzzypants.

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