22 June 2010

"Online" turns into Real life!

Durum, Thank you very much for you answer. I totally agree with you that it ain't hard to figure out what to talk about with people online. There is always something, and as you said they might turn out to be great friends in real life aswell!

Personally, my "story" starts back when I met a certain person through Lord of the Rings online, he was really nice, and I liked teaming up with him and his friends :) and sooner than you know it, we moved on to a totally other level and were talking about meeting IRL. That week turned my life upside down, and today he is my BF, and has been for the last 2 years. So ofc you can meet people through games that can be just as lovely as the ones you meet at the street or at a party. You can find friendships, love and networks everywhere today, and there are always new methods of finding it! I am liking it the way it is today, there are no limits, which I love!

Ofc, there is also the bad side of the online world, which includes the stalkers, there are lots of people using the network to get in touch on a whole different level, so if your Roleplaying goes too far, and the dude wants more or thinks you love him IRL, maybe it is time to start backing off ! At least I have tried that a few times, and it wasn't always very pleasant!

So tell me; have you ever had a stalker in your life?

// Ela


  1. Heya, found your blog through the kinship forum, yay! I just had to comment here because I've also been lucky to find my BF through the game :).

    I can also answer the question here - yes I've had a stalker, it was a friend of my friends and we had some things in common (art, games) so I hanged out with him a couple times, but he started getting too close for comfort and I didn't know how to deal with it (since I didn't want to bitch at him because he was close with my other friends), so I endured it for much longer than was exactly healthy, until I snapped and cut all ties with the guy, and much of the friend circle I had back then also.

  2. Aws :) Yay ! I have something in common with a kinnie !

    Oh dear :p tell me about it, sort of the same happened to me once! I will probably post that story on here soon!


  3. yes i have been stalked on the internet but i deleted my acount immediately.