6 October 2012

Do you Roleplay?

Lately I have been thinking of starting to Roleplay again, with Guild Wars 2 and the many worlds of Tyria with the possibilities for lots of fun just waiting to be taken into use.

I haven't been roleplaying for ages to be honest, since last time I gave it a go it ended up in a big misunderstanding. The guy I was roleplaying with ended up "believing" that everything he did/said to my character was towards me IRL. So of course that didn't go down well and I had to disappoint him with not marrying him IRL. One huge mess there! So ever since I have been taking my precautions!

Today I am just looking back at it all with a huge smile on my face and laughing about it, maybe you have tried something similar, and it ain't just me these things happen to?

But I am curious is Roleplaying still something people do, or is it totally back in the days with Pen and Paper?

Doggie Language!

Taking a swim!

Found an awesome Vista located on a cliff with the perfect spot for taking a dive! There was even swimming goggles and when in the air I had an option to do several tricks! (Afraid I didn't get any screenshots of that).

Have you found this location ? 

3 October 2012

Playing Guild Wars 2?

Here is a awesome link to a Build Calculator in Guild Wars 2 !
Build Calculator

With Elanora on adventures...

I am having a blast in Guild Wars 2 atm, and dinged 80 a few weeks back! Here is a few snapshots of my adventures in the World of Guild wars!

I am playing a Norn Ranger called Elanoraa with double A, due to somebody else beating me to get my original name (Elanora). But if you see me running around say hi! I am playing on the server called Desolation.

2 October 2012


I know I haven't been updating my blog in a loooooong time! Time is flying by so fast, and this summer and begining of Autumn has been filled with new stuff! Started University, finished off my other education and started playing Guild Wars 2 !
I am totally addicted to that game lately and I have lots of screenshots to post for you guys! But I will try and be more online for updates! The geek in me ain't dead yet! ;)
Hopefully you are still around out there !

30 April 2012

Guild Wars 2 - Open Beta Weekend!

After several years of wait we finally had a taste of Guild Wars 2 this weekend in the Open beta weekend, for all who preordered the game! And I had the first look at the different classes, PVP system and the beautiful landscapes!

So far I have to say the PVE looks like most other MMOs I have played, but the PVP is a totally different matter, and since Guild Wars is all about PVP, this game is looking quite well!
Tried out Elementalist, Warrior and Ranger this weekend, and I am still torn! All classes seems fun to play in PVP, and there is more to it, than smashing buttons!

I simply can't wait for it to be out by the end of this year!

So have you tried out the beta aswell this weekend?

18 April 2012

LOTRO 5 year anniversary

I can't believe it's been 5 years since I started playing LOTRO, time flies so fast when you are having fun.
And this year Turbine made a celebration with Gift boxes for each year you have played, with outfits, steed, etc. inside.
The entire anniversary is celebrated throughout entire Middle Earth with a huge amount of fire works everywhere not to meantion all the beer!!

14 April 2012

Free 2 play week + Datacrons!

After hearing so much about this hidden datacron in the Republic fleet, we finally sat down and started gathering the 3 items needed and got it down!
10 + to all attributes! So pleased!

Remember this week it is free to play SWTOR so you have a possibility of trying out the new features they added in the 1.2 Patch

3 March 2012

The final "Ding" !

At last I reached lvl 50 in Star Wars - The old republic! It was a long journey, but the story line made it all worth it! Already levelling new characters to see the variations of stories that are possible in the game!