30 April 2012

Guild Wars 2 - Open Beta Weekend!

After several years of wait we finally had a taste of Guild Wars 2 this weekend in the Open beta weekend, for all who preordered the game! And I had the first look at the different classes, PVP system and the beautiful landscapes!

So far I have to say the PVE looks like most other MMOs I have played, but the PVP is a totally different matter, and since Guild Wars is all about PVP, this game is looking quite well!
Tried out Elementalist, Warrior and Ranger this weekend, and I am still torn! All classes seems fun to play in PVP, and there is more to it, than smashing buttons!

I simply can't wait for it to be out by the end of this year!

So have you tried out the beta aswell this weekend?


  1. Yesssss! I didn't play the beta all that much though, since my PC couldn't run it as well as I would have wanted and I also didn't want to see it all before release. But Maddy played a lot on my account and I watched over his shoulder and now I want GW2 so baaaaaaaaad ~

  2. Yeah tell me about it! :D Gief game NAO!