20 February 2011

Walking down the memory lane... Iricine and Dynnagorn's Wedding

A lot of you people from LOTRO probably remember this event! A RP event in a PVP zone, really bad Idea some might say, but it was quite fun to be honest! Lots of people met up, and we ended up frying the servers for quite some people! Even people in small instances around middle earth was lagging like crazy!

Have you ever participated in a big event like this in any game you play/have played?

19 February 2011

Happy Caturday!

Maybe I am the only one really thinking it's awesome that the cats got their own special day a week? Caturday! I so want a cat to celebrate this with, I know I am crazy, but hey otherwise the world would just be completely boring! Right? I am sure this fenomen is gonna take over and be celebrated the proper way! Happy Caturday everyone!

So have you ever celebrated Caturday/Saturday or some other weird celebration?

6 February 2011

Feeling sleepy ?

We all know those days where you simply just don't wanna get out of bed, and if you have a gaming laptop I bet you have tried camping bed with your games all day and night! At least I have!

I used to raid from my bed, it was amazing! But the only down side by playing games from your bed is, it is so easy to fall asleep, and yes I have tried it, falling asleep on the keyboard and getting waken up by either someone screaming on voice, or by a sudden movement like falling off the keyboard or something! Kinda hillarious now by thinking of it.

Have you ever tried falling asleep in front of your PC?