20 February 2011

Walking down the memory lane... Iricine and Dynnagorn's Wedding

A lot of you people from LOTRO probably remember this event! A RP event in a PVP zone, really bad Idea some might say, but it was quite fun to be honest! Lots of people met up, and we ended up frying the servers for quite some people! Even people in small instances around middle earth was lagging like crazy!

Have you ever participated in a big event like this in any game you play/have played?

1 comment:

  1. I've lead raids of 200+ people but don't often attend RP events like this. This one lagged me so much I ended up going offline, even on a 2010 built machine and a 50mb cable line. Not fun. Sure does show how crappy the lotro servers are though, they should be able to handle loads like these if games 10 years ago were able to.