30 November 2010

Interesting places in Enedwaith

Lately I have been questing a lot in Enedwaith, and therefore I discovered some nice little areas, not to meantion the amazing purple sky they've added! Gotta love the new area! To me it feels like a bit of Annuminas meets the Shire and Eregion all in one zone! Guess they were a bit busy when they made it? No matter what I still enjoy it, but can't wait for the new expansion upcoming though! 

21 November 2010

Guardian Powarh!

I was in the Great Barrow instance the other day, and somehow with all these epic buffs and such I reached 11K of morale! Talking about being unbeatable!?

13 November 2010


With the F2P update we also got the Haunted Barrow, which is sort of a spooky place, compared to its location in the peaceful Shire. The barrow is filled with crazy features, spooky goblins, birds, spiders, etc. not to meantion the Hobbit ghost wandering around! It is a really spooky place indeed!

One of the rewards in the autumn festival is the "BOO", emote, which two crazy hunters wanted to try out in a "BOO" fight! To me it looks rather silly, more like some demonic rain/sun dance to summon the demons! Check it out yourself!

This entire spooky theme/halloween in Middle Earth has never really been my sort of thing, maybe I am just  too scared of too many things, guess that's part of being female in this world or what?

Are you scared of ghosts, spiders, creeps etc. ?

12 November 2010

Reliving Helegrod!

With the update we finally got the chance of reliving all the old instances and a few raids and I am loving it already! Helegrod was always so much 24-manning, though they changed 3/4 of it into a 12 man instance, its still a lot of fun!

Helegrod has always been one of my fav. raids, because it is so big, and different from all the newer raids they have added to LOTRO, on top of that I always liked the snowy scenery and surroundings!

What's your favourite Instance in any game? and why?

8 November 2010

Adventures of Enedwaith!

I have been exploring only just half of Enedwaith and I am loving it already! As some people said it reminds them of Age of Conan, and I can agree at some points, but I still think Lotro makes its own perfect version that fits into Middle Earth just perfectly! The green fields and the amazing sky they've added makes it a perfect place for me to stay for the next few months until the next patch!

I still remember the amazing scenery from Age of Conan, my personal favourite place was Field of the Dead, where not only the music was amazing, but they had some pretty amazing views such as this:

What's your favourite area in an MMO, you've played?

3 November 2010

Free to Play!

After many hours of waiting for free to play, and the furious waiting of being on the server, Laurelin, which was opened as the last one, we finally got Free To Play in Europe last night! Finally new content and stuff to do! So many people online, I think the server just exploded once again and I am loving it! So many old faces are back in game, wanting to do stuff together again, like in the old days of Shadows of Angmar!

This is the new place in Middle Earth to go to, and I can't wait to discover it! There are so many small new changes, and so much new stuff to do, buy and get! Personally I don't even know where to begin!

So what's your favourite update with Free to Play in lotro?

1 November 2010

A stranger from the deep!

Last day before Free to Play goes live in Europe, the grinding begins! I am obsessed with some of the new horses, and ofc I had to grind reputation for it! So off it was to Goblin town on another adventure with a friend of mine, on the way we stood upon a stranger of a hunter, who joined us and seemed very nice! I am still wondering what he was doing in Gollums cave, and if he has any connection to Gollum himself?! Anyway in the end we finally managed to kill all evil in the long tunnels of Goblin Town!