13 November 2010


With the F2P update we also got the Haunted Barrow, which is sort of a spooky place, compared to its location in the peaceful Shire. The barrow is filled with crazy features, spooky goblins, birds, spiders, etc. not to meantion the Hobbit ghost wandering around! It is a really spooky place indeed!

One of the rewards in the autumn festival is the "BOO", emote, which two crazy hunters wanted to try out in a "BOO" fight! To me it looks rather silly, more like some demonic rain/sun dance to summon the demons! Check it out yourself!

This entire spooky theme/halloween in Middle Earth has never really been my sort of thing, maybe I am just  too scared of too many things, guess that's part of being female in this world or what?

Are you scared of ghosts, spiders, creeps etc. ?


  1. Ghosts, spiders, creeps etc are not really that scary. What IS scary are hobbits. They are small but fat, they have hairy feet, curly hair and they smile like possessed all the time. Not to mention the way they walk. I guess it relates to the fact they smoke weed...

  2. Hahaha what? :D Well didn't really think of them like that , but I guess you are right in some way ;)