12 November 2010

Reliving Helegrod!

With the update we finally got the chance of reliving all the old instances and a few raids and I am loving it already! Helegrod was always so much 24-manning, though they changed 3/4 of it into a 12 man instance, its still a lot of fun!

Helegrod has always been one of my fav. raids, because it is so big, and different from all the newer raids they have added to LOTRO, on top of that I always liked the snowy scenery and surroundings!

What's your favourite Instance in any game? and why?


  1. helegrod is awesome :) too bad its not as hard as i would like, but still, its new and shiny! :D

  2. Indeed totally agree :D we want HM to be proper HM ;) not enough challenge compared to BG :)