8 November 2010

Adventures of Enedwaith!

I have been exploring only just half of Enedwaith and I am loving it already! As some people said it reminds them of Age of Conan, and I can agree at some points, but I still think Lotro makes its own perfect version that fits into Middle Earth just perfectly! The green fields and the amazing sky they've added makes it a perfect place for me to stay for the next few months until the next patch!

I still remember the amazing scenery from Age of Conan, my personal favourite place was Field of the Dead, where not only the music was amazing, but they had some pretty amazing views such as this:

What's your favourite area in an MMO, you've played?


  1. You played a dude character in AoC?!

  2. Lol no :) haha the screenshot was just one I found from that Area, since I don't have any screenshots of it myself anymore :) New PC !
    I used to play a female Bearshaman ;)

  3. Stygian Assassin :D (full corruption spec!)