10 October 2013

The Sims - Silversteen part 2.

After Elanora's husband Nathan's dead, she was griefing even through her artistist work. Nothing was helping her getting in a better mood not even her kids.

Megan tried to work out how she should approch her mum about the issue that her father was gone.

Christian even tried talking art with her.
But Elanora and Nathan's love was so strong that even after his death, they would still meet at night when Nathan was walking dead as a ghost.

Meanwhile Christian was pulling girl after girl, to find the perfect love of his life, but it wasn't without his sister's premission. 

Megan made an interview of each of the girls, to make sure her brother got the love of his life before she was moving in.

Christian was unstopable and Megan was so busy interviewing a new girl each day, she was having a hard time catching up on work. 

In the middle of finding love, Elanora passed away, just as the maid got there to clean the house.

Megan tried talking Death into letting her mum go by trying out her jokes on him, but nothing worked.

Megan was griefing through her work for so long with the result of growing up.

She was now an adult, and her oldest brother Taylor was there to see it happen.

Even Christian grew up, eventhough he wasn't much for getting older.

At the time both of them was adults, it was time for Taylor to pass away, Megan was deeply wounded, and once again she tried to talk Death out of it, without luck.

A few years later Christian finally found herself the love of his life, Nastasja Krogh, who was pregnant and married at the time they fell in love. But of course she could't resist the attractive Business man Christian, so she left her husband for Christian, and brought her by that time little baby, Caspar.
Eventhough Christian now was a stepdad he tried his best teaching Caspar and helping him out with his homework.

Meanwhile Nastajsa was interested in writing just like Megan, and she easily found herself behind the desk.

Christian and Caspar was spending most of the time in the garden playing ball. 

And when he wasn't he was out with Nastasja in the garden, showing her his secret to staying young and healthy, life-fruit! He even shared some with her.

A few weeks later Christian made Nastasja pregnant, and he had to rush to the Hospital in his limosine. 

Caspar was meanwhile out way too late and got caught by the police...

Christian didn't like the fact that Caspar had grown up to be such a rebel! He had taught him everything right and how to behave, how did this happen?

At Caspar's 18-year old birthday he packed his things and left his mum and stepdad, since he wasn't the youngest anymore and he was mostly left to himself. His stepdad Christian bought him a nice little house of his own, for some of all the wealth and money he was making. 

It was finally Nate's birthday, named after his granddad Nathan.

Nate was learning all sorts of things from a young age and he was very loved by his mum and dad.

Nastasja would read for him every evening before his bedtime and Nate couldn't dream of a better life with all this love.

But then the day came where Nate got a little sister Mia, who was just as loved as him, but Nate coped with it, cause now he had somebody to play with.

3 September 2013

Sims 3 - The Silversteens

Okay so the last post about my family in sims 3 I realised how out of proportion my flat was. So I decided to start all over again, no cheats, no major house or anything.
And it turned out quite well if I may say so myself!

My household started out with a couple, here is Nathan Silversteen working on his gardening skills to become an organic robotic breeder! He did actually suceed in this matter and is the main income of my household. 

Meet Nathan's wife Elanora Silversteen, which is becoming a master chef as it looks like. She loves to study all the cooking channels on TV, and can fix a meal together for the entire family in no time.
Elanora and Nathan started out having a kid together named Taylor, dunno why I don't have a picture of him, maybe because I dislike his wants/likes and moodsvings, but he is a simmer that usually wants to be alone, and quite like it that way. He is playing in a band and is mostly out of the house playing at Gigs and such.

Later Christian came into the family as the second child, he is studying to become something big inside the business career. He was always as young the favourite child and student that always got rewarded with the highest grades.

After having 2 boys and the odds of both Elanora and Nathan wanting another child I went for adoption to be sure to have a girl in the family aswell. Her name is Megan. She is very much of the creative type and thinker and her biggest wish is to become a famous writer, therefore she love to study homework and always working from home whenever possible.

Christian's Birthday party with a few of the family members to celebrate him.

Nathan and Megan love the outdoors so much they go fishing together whenever possible.

Megan is working on her writing skills to make her big wish come true.

Megan is making sure to look good when she is going out for a possible date, it is important to always look good! On top of that to be polite and know how to deal with a tough conversation.

Elanora is taking care of the garden while Nathan is out making the big bugs.

The family around the table for some late night dinner and homework, the kids grow so fast! Elanora is now old and grey, though still working to make it easier for the teenagers to focus on their studies.

Nathan finally reaching his live goal, what an outfit!

Christian hosting his first big party to find a potential girlfriend, will he suceed?

In the middle of the kids growing older and Nathan reaching his life goal, he is taken away by death to the other side. 

Even the begging didn't help the Silversteen household, who is now without a dad and husband. They are all in grief for these matters.
Thank god they still have their mum making some money, otherwise what is gonna happen to all the kids?

28 August 2013

Sims 4

Source: The Sims
Since I have been playing Sims 3 lately, I thought I might look into the new Sims 4, coming out around february 2014!
The new features of this game is amazing if you ask me. The whole emotion system is gonna change the game forever, hopefully into the better! On top of that there are so many new movements and features that makes it possible to make the perfect sim you wanna be.
I know at some point I have got to try it out. I have been a huge Sims fan ever since the first came out back in 2000.

Are you gonna try it out ?

26 August 2013


Lately I haven't been having any internet on my desktop! So that's one of the reasons to fewer updates.
On top of that I have been moving in with the BF, working and lots of stuff happened IRL.
But now it is looking better, eventhough University start is around the corner !
While offline I had a chance to play a bit of Sims 3, since I was bored I had time to build my BF and I's flat (Eventhough the scale is totally out of proportion) !

31 July 2013

Back home!

Source: Pinterest
I am finally back home from my holiday in Southern France ! Was amazing 2,5 weeks and now I am gonna spend some time on all my games and online friends!
Hope you are still out there!

9 July 2013

Away on summer vacation!

When you read this I am on my way down through Europe towards 2 weeks in southern France!
I can't wait. Who doesn't need a vacation every now and then? I will be back around the 1st of August. 
Enjoy the summer holiday everyone!

Are you going somewhere this year?

Age of Conan: Meet Naiomhe

Meet my newest character in Age of Conan - Naiomhe!
I am playing a Priest of Mitra on the Crom server at the moment. If you see me running by, feel free to say hi! The pictures above are from some of my adventures in Hyboria. I still find the scenery quite beautiful and the characters shading ain't bad either, when thinking about the game is from 2008 it is still pretty decent in my point of view!