26 August 2013


Lately I haven't been having any internet on my desktop! So that's one of the reasons to fewer updates.
On top of that I have been moving in with the BF, working and lots of stuff happened IRL.
But now it is looking better, eventhough University start is around the corner !
While offline I had a chance to play a bit of Sims 3, since I was bored I had time to build my BF and I's flat (Eventhough the scale is totally out of proportion) !


  1. Wow, well, your flat is EPIC then!! :D

    Cool to hear it's going so well, grats on moving in with the BF! And yay, Sims! Best thing to do when internet gives up. I've been writing about the Sims today as well :O. Love reading about other people's adventures in same games. ^^

  2. Haha :) well this flat is kinda bigger in Sims than IRL :P
    Yeah it is going better :) Had lots of family loses lately... been kinda tough...
    :) Oh will look into your post then !