9 July 2013

Age of Conan: Meet Naiomhe

Meet my newest character in Age of Conan - Naiomhe!
I am playing a Priest of Mitra on the Crom server at the moment. If you see me running by, feel free to say hi! The pictures above are from some of my adventures in Hyboria. I still find the scenery quite beautiful and the characters shading ain't bad either, when thinking about the game is from 2008 it is still pretty decent in my point of view!


  1. Yeah, so far no other mmos graphics even comes close to AoC. ^^

    The looks can be made even better with the sweetFX mod.

  2. Yes. Actually it is a Skyrim mod. You can google for sweetfx configurator. All you have to do is install the thing and enjoy. Well, if you like what it does to the graphics anyway. *g*

    You can turn off the ingame shader for example. The one that comes with sweetfx is much better.

    There are some places in AoC, where the light gets so bright, it hurts your eyes. In the Jade citadelle, when you enter the garden for example. sweetfx adjusts that a little. Also everything looks much smoother and the cleaner.

  3. Haha! You took a picture of Yiun! <3