5 July 2013

Gamer girls vs. gamer guys

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As I earlier have pointed out we easily place people in different boxes of stereotypes. The newest ones I came across were these. But there are so much more out there. Like this picture for example.

It is so true that if we find outselves a geeky as a boyfriend, and he keeps playing games without including you, we find ourselves the urge to put him in the stereotype as a loser, or "no lifer". Compared to if women play games, then guys find it so appealing that she can also have fun playing games and he is exchused the rest of his life for playing games! He can be a boyfriend and a gamer at the same time. Of course that's the ideal dream of a gamer dude!
Funny how that's the case isn't it ? Or what?

Why do you think it is like this?

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