24 June 2010

Addiction, Entertainment, what is it about games?

What is it that makes us play games? Is it an addiction we slowly build up ourselves, or is it just something we do to entertain ourselves, and then in the end it might turn into a addiction?

Personally I started to do it because I loved the entire atmosphere around gaming, and especially MMOs have caught my eye! I find it interesting because it is an online world, in a different form! And ever since I tried it , I have been playing! :) So I guess in some sort of way I am addicted, maybe to the people there ? Or the laughs I get from it.

I have tried many different MMOs the last 3 years, it started out with World of Warcraft, which I only played for about 9 days, until I found Lord of the Rings online, or rather my ex. boyfriend showed it to me, and slowly I realised I was becoming addicted to the universe and the game itself! Besides that I tried out Age of Conan, but I went away from that after 1-2 months, Warhammer was sort of the same and then when Aion came out, I realised that the only game I really enjoy enough is Lotro. And that's where I have been for the last 3 years by now! And I am still enjoying it ! :) Which leads me to my question of the day!

Question is: So what games do you play?


  1. Play lotro like you! But have tried several of other games as well. WoW, WAR, guild wars, AOC, Mortal etc.

  2. To be honest, I play online and offline, and I think that both have ups and downs, but when I play a game it has got to be a role-playing game.
    A game for me has to be rich in lore, have an interesting and entertaining story, those are the key elements for me to try and play a game. If it has both or perhaps either of them then I don't even mind wether it is online or offline. And the games that posses those elements are:
    -the elder scrolls 3: Morrowind (wich is actually the game that introduced me to the rpg genre)
    -the elder scrolls 4: oblivion
    -fable 1 & 2
    -GTA 1,2,3,4 :]
    -Fallout 3
    And there is more where that came from.
    Mainly I play online games for the community and the amount of gameplay, in-game environments. However these things can also 'push me away' from an online game, like a short break for a couple of days or so. Online games and communities can be very demanding, unlike offline games. Then you get a much more compact package, no community but a good voice cast and a well developed story. And thank goodness you don't have stats like most online games, stats you continiously need to upgrade by grinding. Wich is mind numbingly boring.
    Anyway to conclude this, and I have been beating around the bush a bit. But basicly I like both offline and online games, as long as they are well developed.

    Mr. Fuzzypants. :]