3 April 2011

Cool backgrounds- How does yours looks like?

I have had several moments where I didn't know what to have as my background on my PC, but I stumbled upon a great site with lots of different categories of backgrounds for that!
Check it out: Wallpapers and Backgrounds

It is also where I have found the background for the blog!

Which reminds me, how does your wallpaper/background look on your screen?

Here is a pic of mine:


  1. The first one with the tree I regonise ;) My BF had that on his screen! :) they are indeed beautiful ones all of them!

  2. Mine is just a stylished map of the Western Middle-Earth. :) Here's the link: http://bquick.info/wp-content/uploads/2010/11/middle-earth-map.jpg

    I like that one, it is clear enough and yet shows enough details and places and names.

  3. :) Cool idea! yeah its really nice indeed!

  4. Seems we are using same page for background pictures, and yeah they have really great pictures there :)
    here's what I use:

  5. Nice one Effor ;) I have that one saved on my PC! I really love it a lot aswell!

  6. Here's a good background picture, I'm sure you recognize it :)