9 January 2011

What size is your Monitor?

Happy New Year to everyone out there! I hope you had a very wonderful Christmas and a happy new year, did you get anything good for christmas ?

Personally I had a wonderful one but afraid there wasn't any geeky loot this year! But anyway for about a month now I have been borrowing my BF's monitor which is 24''!!! And I am like WOOOAH! It's so huge and I feel completely dragged into the games even more! It's like being there now compared to the 14'' it was before !

So I got curious about this and started looking for monitors to buy, and stumpled upon some funny ones! The top picture one is just huuuge! But compared to the 3D at the bottom picture its nothing! Maybe I should wait a bit and see what will happen to the Monitor universe very soon, as I can tell the 3D is definately a reality and that would mean BEING in the game world for "real" or at least almost!

Question of the day:

But anyway how big is your monitor?


  1. Hey Ela!

    Happy new year etc.

    I'm using 2x 24 inch. I think that's about right for gaming monitors, any higher and you're basically going to end up with a 32inch TV plugged into your computer which isn't ideal for gaming.

    Need to be careful when it comes to 3d monitors, it's new technology and it will cost a boatload. Especially considering that to power them and the game that will run on them you'll need a new graphics card and any other necessary accessories.

    This is my gaming monitor: http://www.overclockers.co.uk/showproduct.php?prodid=MO-124-SA&groupid=17&catid=510&subcat=


  2. ooo shiny monitor X! :)

    i got a 24inch one. widescreen! :D pretty and big that i got for my birthday :D beats playing on a 19 inch that i had. hehe.
    first time i was playing on it i was like WHOAH! and now im so used to it that smaller screens look extreamly tiny in comparesment. :)

  3. Hahah totally know what you mean Breg! Its horrible it goes that fast! :P

    And Xealias it might be expensive atm , but I think it will go down price pretty fast, cause they keep develop new Hi tech equipment, so who knows ;)?
    And your monitor is almost the same as the one I am using, mine just has a bit more rounded corners :) otherwise the same! It's epic!

  4. I did the rift beta a few times btw Ela, it's pretty fail. Just a WoW clone. There should be gameplay videos up on youtube by now since the NDA was removed but I don't think I'm gonna get it.

  5. Oh really ? That's interesting, know a few friends that's leaving Lotro for that ?

    But then again I have heard a few complains about it aswell already! :) I ain't gonna get it either I am afraid!

  6. I have a 24" iMac monitor. I love to play my favorite game, God of War, on it. The graphics are great for watching films as well.

  7. Oh :) Don't know the game God of War? Any good ? ;)

  8. Well the one I am on right now is about 1' long and 6" wide