25 June 2013

Age of Conan: Starting over

I decided to give Age of Conan a new try, and made a new character called Naiomhe, pretty inspired by my older character Caiomhe... Seriously all names are taken these days.
But anyway I play on the PVP server Fury atm, since that's where my old character got transfered to.

So far I am liking the enviroment already, and the fact people are still passing by and posting about Guild recruitment and raids tells me the game isn't as dead as it could have been.
So worth another try in my opinion!


  1. Oh Fury. They have about 20% of the population of the pve-server. Most stuff happens on Crom.

    If you are serious about the pvp-server, better join a guild. Solo-questing will get you ganked into oblivion *g*

  2. On Crom you say ? Is there any RP there aswell ? :)
    Do you know if server transfer is free or?
    Kinda hate to see my old main char go to waste on a wrong server :(

  3. There is RP on Crom, but I'm not sure if the transfer is free. It was for a week or two after the merge. You could ask the live-support chat. They usually respond quickly and are very friendly.

    I don't think there is RP on Fury. Only foulmouthed pvpers calling each other names in the global chat. Very few people have the nerve to level to the endgame on the pvp-server anyway.

  4. Yeah that's what I have noticed :) but since I am only lvl 7 on the new char I will just delete it and start over again with that one :) Great to hear there is some RP somewhere!
    Can you come up with some good guilds? Which one are you in for example? ;)
    and thank you so much for your answers! :)

  5. Have a look at this link:

    It shows some rp-guilds on Crom. I'm not in a guild at Crom, but only have a twink there. My guild is currently still on Mitra (german server). Hopefully the One-Server-Tech will fix that. The new game director promised that will happen soon.

  6. That's awesome :) I have my fingers crossed it will happen!
    I just remade my char, didnt wanna pay the 2400 points for a server transfer ! Hehe
    So now I have one char on Fury and one on Crom!
    But thanks for the tip! Will check it out ! :)

  7. You are welcome :) I also have a tiny char on Crom. A little conq named Casscabel. She is still goofing around in Tortage. Maybe we run into each other some day ^^

  8. Awesome :) yeah I am running around there aswell!

  9. My boyfriend has told me much about his game, as it was his first before he started playing LotRO (haven't tried it myself though). I love how your character looks much like you!

  10. Hahah :D well thank you !
    Try it out if you have a couple of hours spare ;) it is worth it and free !

  11. Tried to make a new character today after the 20Gb download. Crashed during character creation with a 'server may be offline' message at 7pm on a Saturday night. No way to check server status. Terrible first impression! One race was locked despite the PR saying that it wouldn't be.

    1. Oh dear... that doesn't sound too good :/ Hope they fix it ! Cause the game is really worth playing :)