7 March 2011

Rage Quitter - Are you one of them?

Have you ever been in a situation in game, where you simply just get so furious that you just can't handle it and quit in rage?

The so called rage quitting is the term for this action, and it happens sometimes in games! Personally I have seen friends of mine do it, either because of the group (probably a PUG/Pick up group) or the fact they are just tired of wiping.

I have never done it myself, but I have felt on the edge quite sometimes to be honest, its funny how a game can bring up so much rage in us, when thinking it was meant to be for fun?

So I am curious; have you ever Rage Quitted a game?


  1. I've RQ before in some games. Some games are more prone to causing it than others I think. Shooting games in particular cause a lot of RQing simply because its easy to be outmatched to the point where the game isn't fun.

    I've played some MMORPG's where we've spent a day (on a weekend :p) clearing through a place only to die before the end monster who has our shiny loots. Though this was an old raid zone that we went back to several expansions later so we knew it would be hard and take a long time, but we died due to someones mistake. I think the person needed to replace batteries in their mouse or something and as they went to get them enemies respawned and we got owned.

    I figure if someone is forcing themselves to stay rather than quitting when they know they aren't enjoying themselves they are probably going to play bad anyway so it's better for everyone if they RQ.

  2. Yeah I think you are on to something there, and definately shooting games in particular :P I have seen my BF sit and scream at the screen! Actually scares me a bit that you can get so mad at a silly game!

  3. These things are important, we need to vent our fustration and emotion on something lol.

    Nice that's you're still posting things and didn't quit the blogging thing, I'd comment more but I've got no internet till 29th March :(

  4. aws thats very sweet! No thank you for following :) you guys are making me wanna do this and keep it going!

    Hopefully you will be back soon!