17 March 2011

Twitter me - or not?

Lately so many different communities have popped up everywhere, myspace, facebook, twitter etc. Personally I only use Facebook every now and then, when bored and wanting to share something with my friends!

I know myspace has been out for ages now, and that it is mainly for musicians wanting to spread their songs all over the world! Which is a very nice way for them to be regonised and seen!

Twitter though is something which I don't really get nor use myself! It's sort of a small website where you can post updates and nothing else? I don't see the point in this in the long run, or maybe its just me having a blonde moment? It seems to me lots of people actually use this, may it be famous singers, random gamemasters, or just normal cool people like you and I. But it's still a mystery to me, what the world gets out from knowing I am having my dinner right now while writing this?

What do you think of the entire "Twitter" thing? Do you think its okay for the world to know what you are doing around the clock?

1 comment:

  1. I use twitter to spam small and silly gaming-related or other geeky messages, that I wouldn't really want to clutter my proper blog with.