24 July 2010

Do you trust people you know online with IRL info about yourself?

Anonymous,Wauw, Thanks for the wall of text! ;) It is always very interesting when people give long answers, it means they care for my questions! So thank you!

I agree with you in not all girls used to play MMOs back in the days, and that it have changed a lot.
Especially this quote of yours I find very interesting:

"Every girl over 13 has a facebook now, the same as 5 years ago every girl over 13 was begging their parents for a mobile phone. So they get laptops of their own so they can facebook and myspace etc."

That's so true, I remember it clearly when I was 13 I had no mobile phone or a computer of my own, it is crazy how fast the development has taken place in the last few years! Today you are almost special or weird if you don't have a mobile phone or a laptop of your own! And I think that's literally scary!

"There's still a big problem of young stupid guys hitting on every woman they see online, especially when it comes to games"

I can only agree 110% with you on this one, sometimes it is better to not tell anyone you are a woman out there, cause seriously, it is crazy! I have tried it too often, and sometimes it is seriously scary, these random dudes that doesn't know you at all falling in love with you in 2 secs, and before you know it they ask where you live, if they can see some pictures, wants your facebook etc. :) Seriously, sometimes it is better to stay anonymous on the internet that just comitting to your gender!

But then: Why is it we trust people online with so much info on our personal lives? Maybe even some info we wouldn't tell our IRL friends about ?

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  1. That wall of text was mostly while I was waiting for a rez in Ettenmoors :D Nasty creeps keep picking me up on RAT lol. Will have to think up a good answer for this one later.