2 July 2010

Geeks in many ways!

I stumbled across this picture, and came to think about being a geek, can be meant in many different ways, just like this picture!

Dear Anonymous.
Thank you for telling us about yourself, and how you don't fit into any of the stereotypes on the pictures, I feel the same way as you, I absolutely don't see myself as any of the pics, and if I had to it would be a mix of everything and everyone I think.
But anyway back to your post, I absolutely agree with you when you say: "If you went back 10 years being labelled a geek had the same negative implications that being labelled a nerd had, now things are different. Being a geek isn't quite so unusual anymore"
I think it is a very interesting thing being a geek today, it is like a completely new style or fase in life. And in the 21th century it is okay to be a geek, cause it is something more and more of us are interested in! The gaming world has opened up to so many new players ever since MMOs were launched, and I think it will only continue from now on :)

Next year lots of new games are coming out, and it is always exciting to see how they turn out! Personally I am looking forward to trying Star Wars - The old republic out.

Which games are you looking forward to in the new year?


  1. Well I used my work situation as an example because I don't think people can fairly judge themselves. Especially not when it could be a fairly negative judgement depending on how you look at it :)

    For games: SWTOR as well, thinking of checking out the Smuggler class; or maybe just rolling a Jedi like everyone else. Final Fantasy XIV Online is coming out as well and since I played the last one I'll have to try this one as well. Probably will play whatever the best solo class is.

    Two others you may not have heard of but are looking promising: Rift: Planes of Telara which looks like it's going to turn out really beautiful and The Secret World which could be interesting if they work it right. Links:



  2. Well, I suppose some of the pictures aren't unknown to me, then again that's only a short list of possible geekyness. Nonetheless, I think the pictures are bloody funny. Gave me quite a giggle. And there are several games I am looking forward to, but I don't know if i'll be playing all of them, but I hope I will.

    I'm really hoping for a new elder scrolls (V) game, and i'd be hysterical if they announced it and that it would be an mmo.
    Fable 3 looks nice.
    Or blink, looks interesting, as does the new fallout (new vegas).
    Rift: Planes of Telara, looks bloody brilliant, but i'd have to upgrade my pc methinks.
    Star wars: The old republic looks cool.
    I think there is more, but can't be asked to write it all down or remember the names.

    Mr. Fuzzypants