19 July 2010

Women taking over the internet? - Nah!!

Hey Everyone out there!
Once again my real life is very busy, and I have limited time for gaming and blogging!

And thank you all for sharing your favourite soundtracks, it is always funny to hear what other people fancy! ;)

T.i.m.v.d.r., Yeah I can see why you love this soundtrack that much, but probably cause you loved the game just as much ;) it ain't as magical to me yet, but thanks for sharing!

Xhii, when you meantioned Clint Mansell, I came to think of one of my other favourites by him:  "Requiem for a dream", it is magically I think :) he makes very nice soundtracks indeed, didn't know Moon, but maybe it is time to buy an album or two!

Anonymous, yeah I loved Pirates of the Caribbean, first movie is still the best though! :) But the music there is thrilling aswell!

Lately I have been reading some articles on the internet, about women are taking over the internet, by blogging, gaming, etc. I dunno what to think really?

Personally I grew up with a computer in my entire life almost, and it is pretty natural to me to use it daily, for searching information, chatting to my friends, playing games and yes blogging, cause it is something I enjoy, but the fact we are talking about women taking over the internet, nah I doubt that!

I guess women have just reached that point where it is okay to have your own laptop without being a completely geek, today it is just more of a cool gadget, and why is it gadgets are only for guys ?
To me the internet is for everyone, and I just believe that today it is more common for both genders to use it to find out information or have fun :)

What do you think; Are women taking over the internet?

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  1. The first Pirates movie was the best for sure but I really liked the music in the second one. Especially this bit : http://bit.ly/cortZy

    I've played MMO's for about 10 years now, there's definitely more girls playing them now than 5-6 years ago. Back 5-6 years ago the girls that played were either hardcore players that were in the top guilds doing cutting edge content and raiding 6 times a week or they were older geeks that had been playing table top RPG's before computer mmo's were around. It was rare to see many girls that didn't fit into one of those 2 descriptions (although they certainly did exist, just not a large amount of them).

    As far as computers in general go I think computers have moved into a more social sort of light rather than the traditional introverted antisocial tool that they used to be seen as. Every girl over 13 has a facebook now, the same as 5 years ago every girl over 13 was begging their parents for a mobile phone. So they get laptops of their own so they can facebook and myspace etc.

    From the gaming point of view having a laptop leads to browser games which lead to other games. Plus now that "social gaming" like the Wii has sort of normalised I think it has the effect of leading girls towards computer games when they might not have previously considered them. Maybe computers as a whole are just considered to be less 'geek territory' than they used to be :D There's still a big problem of young stupid guys hitting on every woman they see online, especially when it comes to games. Maybe as that attitude decreases we'll see a bigger surge of women in the various corners of the internet.

    Answering your question directly: Yeah, in a way. There's still more guys around but I think there's a LOT more women getting interested in technology and games than they has ever been before. Sorry for the wall of text :)