6 July 2010

Average gaming time? - What's yours?

Thank you so much, Anonymous for sharing those link with the rest of us! It looks very interesting, haven't heard about the Rift: Planes of Telara, before now! It looks stunning, and very interesting! Definately worth a try I would say ;)  

I guess I will need to find more time for playing games soon! Dunno where and how, but I know if you are gonna play two games it needs lots of effort :) And atm I am enjoying LOTRO as I have always done, so I have no plans leaving that at any point!

I am curious really, a lot of people in games have kids, and a full time job, and yet they are just as active as the ones that have none of this, how is that so? How do you find the time really :) Personally I just finished my last few courses and after the summerbreak it is practice and studying to become a medical secretary, I have no idea how much time I will have left for gaming, but it is definately not something I will leave behind, it is like the people I have met in the gaming world the last 3 years have become very dear to me. They are like a second family somehow in a weird way :)

So I am curious; how many hours do you play a day in average?


  1. waay to amnny hours really.. sadly. i should not play as much, but no work and that stuff makes it waay to easy just to log in and say hey to all of the lovely people ingame.
    Breg xx

  2. Welcome for the links.

    I work 7am-5pm on weekdays as well as some evenings/weekends doing my own thing. (computer stuff). I guess I usually play like 7pm - 2-3am? More on weekends. I try to justify it by thinking of gaming as a social activity!

    Fortunately this game is quite good for being able to drop and afk (mobs roam within their tether point, so you can run up a cliff and afk safely) if I need to do some work quickly on my second machine. So I can kinda work and game at the same time depending on the job.

  3. And how come you're not answering your own questions, whats your average time played per day!?

  4. I would say 5 - 10 hours a day. But that's going to be less soon. *cries* hehe
    But first there is the summer break, so enough time to play for now.
    Also I work whilst I play, makes the time go by quicker.

    Mr. Fuzzypants