14 July 2010

Fav. Soundtrack - what's yours ?

Sorry I haven't been able to post lately, been busy IRL a lot these days! But once again thank you for your interesting answers.

Xhii, I have never heard of the game you meantion, Vagrant Story, but it sounds very interesting indeed, and I wished I could try it out. But I guess it is impossible these days just to find a Playstation 1 and not to meantion the games :)

Anonymous, I have heard of the game Everyquest before, someone might have meantioned it, or maybe it was my BF that told me about he playing it back in the days. 7 years is a long time, I hope I will play my favourite games for just as long! Planescape torment, is just another game I don't know anything about, but it is interesting to hear about all these old games :) Wished more people would find it just as interesting as you guys to go back in time for a bit, with low graphics and full entertainment on a whole new level.
T.i.m.v.d.r. I am afraid I haven't heard of the elder scrolls 4: oblivion either, is it the same as Oblivion? Because I have tried that game out once :) I love it when games blow you totally away like you describe it, the music and atmosphere and such :) Reminds me of Age of Conan, the music was so amazing and I am still listening to the soundstracks once in a while ! My favourite track is "Nighttime journey through the Eiglophian Mountains" Still gives me the chills everytime I hear it.

So if you could pick one soundtrack, what would it be, from your favourite movie, game etc.?


  1. Well, i'd had to choose between the soundtrack from the lord of the rings trilogy, transformers and the elder scrolls 4: oblivion.
    Obviously the lord of the rings soundtrack is epic, as is the one from transformers, but usually when I intend to listen to a soundtrack most of the time the first one I look for is the one from the elder scrolls. When I listen to it, it really touches my soul, I feel really nostalgic and think back when I was roaming in the game and that amazing soundtrack was playing. It's the best composed soundtrack I ever heard.


    That link will take you to the soundtrack I always listen to. The first song 'peace of akatosh' (actually song 28 in the playlist) is really heavenly to me when I hear it. The soundtrack is composed by 'jeremy soule' and he is a brilliant composer. Howard shore composed the soundtrack for the lord of the rings and I would say that howard and jeremy are equals. :)

    Mr. Fuzzypants

  2. Theoretically it's not all that impossible to find the game (VS) through shady means on the internetz and then play it on a PS1 emulator >:D.

    For my favourite soundtrack, I'm actually tempted to say the good old Vagrant Story soundtrack hehe *massive fangirl moment*. But so I won't repeat myself too much, I'll name my fav soundtrack.. Clint Mansell - Moon. It's a very relaxing soundtrack with some more exciting and even creepy moments, and if you haven't seen the film (Moon) I'd definitely recommend it!

  3. Gamers tend to like older games if they have been gamers for a long time. A good story is vital to a game, graphics don't matter if the story is brilliant. Older games had that. New games make everything look pretty but the storylines are used/rehashed and suck :( Oh well. Newer games and MMORPG's make up for it with the social aspect. EQ had no storyline but the raids were fantastic. No game has come close to beating them yet. I used to spend evening after evening wiping to a new raid till it was learned (raids in EQ had up to 72 or 54 players, our raids were always full). No game has had proper raiding since EQ I don't think. They all favour 12-18 player miniraids. & Yeah, Oblivion's full title is The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion. It was a great game, especially if your machine could handle the high resolution texture packs.

    For soundtrack's the first I came up with was the Pirates of the Carribean theme tune. I like that one. Very similar to it is Oblivion's opening music which was excellent as well. Here's youtube link: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=P49m6d2VuFs