4 September 2010

When the fun part has a disadvantage!

Lately I have been wondering where one of my friends had gone in game (Lotro), and I found out the other day, when he sent me a tell in game, saying he was playing PVP on another server now, since he had enough of all the talking behind his back and bullying. I was totally shocked, and felt sad that we couldn't play together like we normally would once in a while, therefore I made a character on another server now to stay in contact.

It really makes me worried, when stuff like this happens, and it only happened for one reason, that he was the first guy on our server to reach the max rank in PVP, therefore people were nagging and laughing at him. Simply because they were jealous! It is completely ridiculous, cause he is such a nice guy when you get to know him. I guess it is their own loss! At least I enjoy his company.

So my question is, where did all the fun go? Isn't it a game, that's supposed to be fun for everyone? Why is it then situations like this happen?


  1. I don't know Mornaro except for when I pvp'd against him as a creep years ago; but its not really fair to say how he's such a good guy when you get to know him because that's entirely based on your opinion and the way he talks to you. So it's a flawed argument if you look at it that way. He *might* be an asshole who has a soft spot for you for all I know :p

    People do get jealous. It's just a game but its the same with everything where people are competing with each other daily (better gear, better skill at their class, friends with more people and a million other little competitions) the same happens in real life with virtually everything. People always want to be the best even if they don't express it all the time.

    Plus you have to look at it from his point of view, I find it hard to believe he doesn't know how to /ignore people. I hear he was getting ganked whenever he went into the moors but I also hear he did a lot of ganking himself, so that's just a result of him being infamous. Have to look at every perspective after all :o

  2. I ain't saying you are wrong :) Ofc it is just my side of the story, and I am happy to hear your opinion aswell!

  3. Yea..heard about Mornaro..He's just ranking fast in Eldar..rank 11 already, crazy dude :p

    Oh, and oi Ela :D