3 July 2011

Age of Conan - Free to play!

After several years Age of Conan is now free to play!

I used to play Age of conan when it launched, but didn't really continue to the end! I was a lvl 77 Bearshaman named Caiomhe on the RP server Aqualonia back in the days! The rumours went on that every character from back then was deleted, but when I logged in yesterday it wasn't the case! I found my good old bearshaman right there and I have been checking out the features and scenery once again in this game, and its just simply amazing once again. I love the realistic look it has, and the atmosphere in the game, not to meantion the awesome soundtracks!

Whether you have a character there or not, I would recommend you to go try out the game, it is free afterall!


  1. Hello! In this entry did you base on any extra researches or these are totally your private thought? Can't wait to hear from you.

  2. Totally my private thoughts mostly :) ofc based on some info, in this case.