7 January 2012

Star Wars: The Old Republic

In the begining when I heard about Star Wars: The old republic, it wasn't something of my interest at all, I have watched the movies a few times and that's about it. So the lore is nothing that draws me in really, but then after the launch I decided to try it out and I must say I was really surprised about the game.

The graphics might not be the prettiest, but that's not what this game is about at all, the NPC interactions and ways you can affect and make your own story in the game is amazing!
On top of that the game has quite a few different changes to any other MMO, the crafting system is not something you have to stop up and do, but you have companions that can craft for you meanwhile you are questing!
The PVP system is kinda like in RIFT and Warhammer, but that's something I find fun and enjoy a lot! Only difference here is that there is no lvl cap for who you might play with or against, say a lvl 10 can play with a lvl 50 on the team and vice versa.
The game has all in all lots of features and I could keep talking about it, to try and convince you guys to try it out, but I won't! Instead I have shared a few screenshots of some of my journeys so far :) I got really excited when I met the Yoda looking guy on the last picture ! I wished I could have him as my pet!

If you want to say hi to me in game I am on the server called Progenitor, playing on the republic side as a Jedi Sage called Naiome :)

So anyway, are you playing Star Wars - The old republic?


  1. I'm playing as a heal specced Operative on Frostclaw :) Yeah, one of the nasty Imperial guys :p But my char is 10000/10000 light side of the force! I had to play Imperial because my raiding guild from my Everquest days wanted me to play with em.

    Do have Xealias (Jedi Shadow tank while she went Sage healer) on Progenator for when I started playing with Cami but had to stop for a bit over xmas and I think she's well past me now in levels.


  2. Aws :P Doubt it! Sounds good, hope to see you around :)