3 January 2014

LOTRO - Helms Deep

The last few months in 2013 I have been busy with my study, though I ofc had time to check out the new Lord of the Rings online expansion - Helms deep.

No doubt about the scenery being nice and interesting, with the many new maps and areas that has been added this expansion. But the hatch about the expansion is there is not enough new end game stuff in my opinion. As soon as I dinged 95, and I had tried out all the new "Epic battles" in the new system, I felt kinda bored I must admit.
I will be honest here....I kinda lost interest in LOTRO for the first time for real since Launch. There is no new content, we are still grinding the old raids which now can be scaled up to 95, from the earlier low levels around 65! We have had plenty of years to discover those raids/instances and to get to know the tactics, therefore I am kinda disappointed in the whole new expansion.
If Turbine doesn't come up with some new end game stuff I am afraid the game will fade out before new games such as The Elder Scrolls Online comes out.

Have you tried the new expansion, and what is your opinion about it ?

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