3 April 2014

Meanwhile in FFXIV

As much as I love playing the bard I am still liking the scholar a lot! DPS vs. Healing is a lot different, but always nice to switch once in a while. Bard is still the only max level character I have, but scholar is soon there! 43 already!
Also had the chance to start getting used to my new haircut! I still miss the old one sometimes...


  1. Lovely pictures! And I know how strange it feels after you've changed the hairstyle of one of the characters you've played a lot... but I think this one looks great!

  2. Awws thanks :D yeah it is like it ain't the same character anymore ! Haha :) Hope you are well!

  3. These pictures are great! And the ears are just fabulous.

    1. Yeah that's one of the features I love about this game :D You playing it aswell ?