24 May 2014


2014 has been a confusing year for me in games... I haven't really found "THE GAME" yet... Which is kinda sad, since I had my hopes up for The Elders Scrolls Online.. But since that was a downer for me, I have been stuck in Final Fantasy XIV - A realm reborn. And now I am starting to get slightly bored... After having been so busy IRL, I haven't felt the same vibe in either of the games I own. LOTRO, FFXIV, Sims 3, Age of Conan, etc.. I am finding myself in a weird spot where I dont know which way to go. I want something new and exciting and then I got a tip about this new game called ArcheAge!

When I heard the name at first, I was a bit sceptical, due to it also being an asian MMO, but then when I read into what the game was like I was blown away. ArcheAge ain't just a normal MMORPG, but it is a sandbox game, meaning players are allowed to do almost anything!
You can build your own house anywhere, trading/gathering is playerbased, you can build your ship, PVP, there is even a crime system if you steal of someone else goods! On top of that there are no bound classes, but you have the control of which skills and weapons you would like to use! So be your own master and be the character you have always wanted to be! The game has seriously every aspect all the other MMORPGs have been missing for the last 10-15 years!

ArcheAge is litteraly the MMORPG you have been waiting for! And the betas are supposed to go out next month in June 2014. The game has been out since last year in Korean and Japan, but they are translating the game ATM. Hopefully we will get this game sooner than I can hope for! At least I am very excited! And the best thing about ArcheAge is it is Free to Play!!!! Ofc there is a chance of having a subscription if you want some extra stuff, but how amazing is that anyway?
I am looking forward to trying it out and hopefully it will be all the waiting worth it!

Check out this video for more information on ArcheAge

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