22 July 2014

First look at ArcheAge

After a wonderful weekend finally being able to try out ArcheAge I am back with lots of screenies from the event. My first impression of the game is quite decent, and since I am lacking something to play these days I am eager for the next beta event.

First of all the game has so many aspects that I didn't even have time to discover half of them, but that's a positive thing. The game keeps surprising me with little things all the time, the details such as the emotes rock, paper, scissors. Or the fact your mount can swim in water aswell! These are just some of the items I really like, it is getting closer to reality than any other MMO I have played over the last 7 years.

The graphics might not be the best, but with all the things available and stuff to do there is little time to be disappointed about the graphics. The game somehow just sucks you in and you slowly get more passionate about the game.

Crafting in the game is a huge aspect that won't take an end. Crafting is actually usefull in this game, unlike other games where you have to grind dungeons and raids to get decent gear. I really love that feature. On top of that there are so many crafting vocations, which you have only dreamt of in other games. You can have your own little farm and grow crops or do husbandry and have your own animals in your backyard!

Sailing is also a totally new aspect from any of the MMOs I have ever played. Which seems to work pretty decent, haven't discovered much of this yet, but I am hoping to be only more surprised as time shows.

There are a lot more to do in the game than what I have been writing down here, but summed up I know what I will be playing, when ArcheAge releases for good.
So what about you?

Will you be playing ArcheAge?

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