11 August 2015


In between Archeage I have been giving Tera a try once more. And I am actually beginning to like that game too! Since I am a MMORPG girl I absolutely adore the universe! Eventhough it is more bound compared to Archeage's sandbox format, it still have some great PVP features in the game. Not to mention the awesome costumes and armor pieces in the game! It kinda reminds me of the old days playing Aion, with a good reason why, since it is the same people behind the game! If you havent played Tera I would recommend you to try it out, it is free to play afterall. And since the game has been out for more than a year it has plenty hours of fun for you to discover! I have played the game until lvl 52, but I recommend you play with a friend or two, since questing can get a bit dull in the end, like any other game. But with lots of dungeons during leveling and special relic weapons, there is a lot of small details making it different from the normal flower picking quest!
I play a priest on the EU server called Fraya, under the name Naiomhe (Elanora was taken!!!!) Feel free to poke me if you see me online! 

Here is a few screenshots from my adventures of Tera!

Have you been playing Tera? 

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  1. Welcome back! I did try TERA once, but it isn't really my type of game. I rolled one of those small animal-like creatures (my boyfriend hated me for that!).